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Why being productive?

We often put pressure on ourselves by wanting to be always more productive. But sometimes it’s also good to take a step back and take the time to do things. So, I wanted to write an article for you to ask yourself what is the point of being productive. Do we win every time? Or is it better to let go sometimes?

Questioning the injunctions to always do more

In our current world, which is always going faster, we always want more. More needs to be done in the same time frame. Yes, but why exactly?

How does this help us? Do we really need to do more?

It can be useful to question yourself on this point, because, sometimes, we let ourselves be carried away in a hellish rhythm, on autopilot, without even identifying the reasons for this race.

Do we really need to do more? And more of what?

If being more productive means creating more of something, in the same amount of time, is that really going to create more value?

Shouldn’t we rather ask ourselves about the quality of what is produced?

To create less of something, but which responds better to a demand. Who is more respectful of yourself, during the creative process. which is more respectful of your environment.

I think the key is to take a moment to identify our beliefs and mechanisms related to these injunctions that we may have. If you’re thinking, “more needs to be done,” ask yourself what that really means to you.

What do you need ? Ask yourself the question “why?” several times until you find the real reason.

Do these kinds of injunctions or beliefs help you do more? Or do you perceive them as pressure, which negatively impacts the way you move forward with your projects?

If so, how do you want to look at things more positively for yourself?

Perhaps being more productive has a few advantages you can turn in your favor.

The benefits of being more productive

If we want to look beyond productivity injunctions, we can think of it in terms of profits.

In a very simple way, bringing a little more productivity allows you to move your projects forward. Unless you are already very advanced in optimizing your ways of working, it is possible to be more productive by stopping procrastinating and eliminating distractions.

In this case, it’s more a question of better use of your time, so that your projects come to life.

Another way to look at productivity in a positive way is that it will allow you to do certain things faster and therefore, to be able to test them faster.

When you are in an empirical mode of creation, it is interesting to be able to compare your achievements as soon as possible with the reality on the ground. This allows you to create in small pieces and collect comments and feedback to improve as you go.

Finally, increasing your productivity can help you improve your self-confidence, since by going faster, you will prove to yourself more quickly that you can do things. By cutting your projects into lots of small steps, you will be able to create step by step, and understand what works for you.

By turning productivity into an asset, seeing it as a way to do things better, rather than being pressured to do more, you will be able to move forward on your projects and turn your ideas into reality.

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