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The TOP 5 posts of this year

This year has been the first year of this blog about ways of working and motivation.

As a recap of the year, I wanted to share with you the TOP 5 articles of this year and give a few more insights, after a few months.

#1 – The ugly face of multitasking

Multitasking is something we face a lot, because we live in a distracting world and because we feel we have to do everything, in a hurry.

But the truth is: it is really hurting our productivity and our health. Because or brain is not wired to take car of two things at a time. So it becomes very challenging to do so, and it requires a lot of energy from it.

Best advice of the year: make sure you stop multitasking and fully focus on one thing at a time.

#2 – The energy you bring in the room

We all like charismatic leaders. We like the ones who can tell us stories, who are embarking us in a purposeful journey.

As a leader or even a team member, the energy you carry in a room can have a great impact on others. How they perceive you, up to the outcome of the gathering.

My take-away on this topic: be mindful of the energy you have and want to bring when in a group, especially if you need to lead or create something, when positive vibes are required.

#3 – 2 simple tools to free up time. Right now.

We are all very busy and in search of the magic wand to stretch our time. Well, it doesn’t exist (yet). So we need tools to help us clear our calendars from non effective tasks.

My take-away on this topic: prioritization is key, meaning you have to constrain yourself to the most valuable tasks and give up on the rest.

#4 – Tame your devices and get more time for you

Another article about time management. I was talking about distractions in the article about multitasking, well, managing our devices wisely is one of the suggestion I make.

Devices are tools for us, if we start to be their slave, they make us miserable users of our time. When you find out how your devices are preventing you to fully live your life and achieve your goals, you enable strategies to put them back where they belong: at our service. Not the opposite.

My take-away on this topic: it can feel very uncomfortable to take action on this, as we fear to miss out on something: a piece of information or a connection with someone we don’t even know. The reality is: doing this, we miss out on our life and the people who are here – with us.

#5 – How to deal with uncertainty?

We thought COVID pandemic had created the most uncertain world. 2022 has probably been even more hectic.

We must realize that changes are constant, as well as uncertainty. We want to prepare for what’s next. The truth is that it almost never occur as we thought it would.

Hopefully we can face it and anchor ourselves into the things that are truly important for us: values, needs, purpose.

My take-away on this topic: dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity has become a crucial skill for anyone who want to navigate this world in a balanced way.

I loved that you were part of my reader this year and I can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring to us. More to come!

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