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The lake of confusion

Going through a transformation often brings a lot of doubts and confusion.

This is a normal part of the journey.

You have set up a vision and goals to achieve. You have started to walk on your trail, overcame obstacles already.

But now, you just arrived in front of a big lake and there is no one around, no boat to cross it, nothing and you feel terribly confused.

Welcome to the lake of confusion

As a transformation hero, you are now facing the level 2 of obstacles: your thoughts.

Until now, you were able to cope with issues easily, because you already had some useful experience to relate to. Or you had help.

But at some point of the transformation, a hero faces some unknown before challenges.

They are specific to her context, so no one can really help. So the leader doubts: did I make the right choices? What shall I do next? This is not going to work. Why did we start this? This is difficult. When will this end?

Thinking all of these negative thoughts generates negative feelings for the transformation leader and creates this lake of confusion.

She happens to lose the energy that was making her move. She is stuck on her way.

When the hero learns a surprising trick

Hopefully, an old lady come by our hero. She explains her the following:

“What you have in front of you – this lake – is a mirage created by your scared brain, which does this to protect you.

Make peace with this part of yourself. Keep looking at the other side of the lake, to remember that this is the reward you are after.

As you remind yourself why you want to go there, go cross this lake.

Our hero is surprised but, as the old lady seems a wise person, she decides to give it a try.

She looks at the horizon and think about all the good reasons why she wants to reach that goal.

She starts walking and, as she practices new positive thoughts and creates clarity for herself, the water fades away and she finally reaches the opposite side of the lake and continue her journey.

Now she knows about the illusions of her negative thoughts and she is able to come back to her why, to move again, whenever she sees a new lake.

Overcoming your own lakes of confusion

When you are going through a transformation, you will face such moments.

In these circumstances, remember that the “Lakes” are just mechanisms designed to keeping you safe.

By calling out your vision and compelling reasons, you are able to redirect your negative thoughts and feelings to a more positive setup, where taking action is possible.

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