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My 2022 retrospective

What a year it was! A lot of changes, a lot of learnings, a lot of challenges. When you don’t like to sit within your comfort zone, you embrace all of that, but it means you are ready to face the dark side, to live the negative feelings as much as the positive feelings of life.

As I wanted to write this retrospective, I decided to put the questions as titles, so that you can use them as well, for yourself and see what you come up with.

What are the achievements you are the most happy about? Why?

In 2022, I created a community of 200 people, interested to learn about agile mindset and ways of working. I started from scratch, with my only network as a basis.

I feel very happy about this achievement because I had to learn how to convince people to join us, create content that is valuable for them (so live testing how to retrieve feedback listen and be customer centric).

I also gave several in-person trainings to big groups and I really loved to connect with them and create tailored engaging content. I had to be very creative to adapt the format and the content each time, to make it suit their needs and their maturity.

I even ended up giving a session in the metaverse, which was really disruptive and interesting experience.

I feel very grateful to have met all of these nice people and created this link with them. Developing bonds with others is really something I value high and love doing.

What are the greatest learnings you get from this year? How are you going to apply it again?

I have proven to myself that I could cope with any kind of situation. Processing my negative feelings and really taking massive actions to make things happen.

Moving forward, it will give me even more confidence to try new things and experiment more.

I also had the confirmation that I love connecting with others and it’s very important for me to see people in real life. I also learned from some feedback that I tend to seem distant sometimes. Because I am an introvert, I have a natural tendency to protect my energy, so I will always proceed with caution.

What I want to do with that, next year, is to develop and test different strategies when I connect with others.

What are the 3 things you are grateful for this year?

Here, you can make it overall or give it a focus, like for me, I’ve decided to do this list through the lens of my work. I am also grateful for a lot of things in my private life 😉

Meaningful connections

I feel tremendously grateful for all the people I’ve met this year. Many new faces, great human beings. I wouldn’t want to have a job where I’m only sitting in front of my computer without reaching out to people. Talking and listening to share ideas and opinions is how I think we can best create new things and make the world progress.


This year, I decided to respect my rhythm and listen to myself. Stop when I needed to stop. Producing massively when I was into this mood. One of the greatest work I’ve done on my self-development, is to really fine-tune my understanding of my energy levels and levers: what is filling me up, what is draining me.

This precise knowledge helped me to balance my daily activities and I was able to deliver a lot of value, keeping me in a good shape.

Continuously learning

I really like to play around with Agile mindset for myself. Continuous learning is part of this game. I look at opportunities to learn in everything I do. I am seeking feedback and new areas of improvement. Even if a feedback is difficult to hear, there are interesting things to learn about from it. I strongly believe it is for us to make it a gift, no matter how it is wrapped up.

As we finish this year, I feel fulfilled. I have achieved a lot of objectives I had given myself. This is the first year when I really took the time to write down everything and track my progress. And what I find from this, is a great sense of completion, which goes way beyond the failures I faced sometimes on my way.

See you next year!

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