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Life Manifesto

Life is about making choices. Conscious choices. And for this, you need to create awareness about yourself first, and then about the world that you live in.

Life is about making experiences by yourself and for yourself. So that you know what you like and what you don’t like. What works or not for you. So that the choices you make are more deliberate and good for you.

Life is about listening to ourselves deeply. Soul searching, gut feelings, body sensations, emotions. It’s about finding our own purpose, beyond what our beliefs are telling us, beyond what we are told to do or not. It’s about believing about our dreams and capabilities.

Life is about creating. We are all creators. Some of us just prefer or were taught to ignore it. We are meant to create value to the world.

Life is about being curious. Curiosity puts us on the way of openness, rather than judgement. It guides us into connecting the dots, with « ands » instead of « ors ».

Life is about kindness and compassion. For ourselves and for others. We all do the best we can. With the capabilities we have, the culture we have, the education we have and our genetics.

Life is about following our dreams. We have one life. Let’s not spoil it.

Life is about love. Human is designed for survival and it leads to the worse sometimes. But Human is also designed with a brain that can steer ourselves to do the greatest good for all. We should never forget that.

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