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“And”, the power of inclusion

This tiny little word can really benefits you, in the way you think and it can change your life. (Yes, I swear !)

And is inclusion

Rather than wanting to limit oneself to exclusive choices: this OR that, why not explore the this AND that? Why not open the door to the possibility of combining possibilities, even if it means creating new ways?

The “and” allows us to integrate rather than exclude. Often we think we have to make a choice by excluding an option. While it is possible to accumulate. Do you still have doubts?

A matter of belief

The only reason we don’t explore cumulative possibilities is our way of thinking. We are biased because we believe that we must “make a choice”. We then drop our curious and creative gaze to embrace reason and what we take for a strong logic.

But after all: what does really limit us? Have we touched on the possibility that our two options can work together? Our brain loves to answer questions and problems we ask it to solve.

Try to ask it about a third way to your difficult choice.

Abundance of ideas and security

You might be wondering where I am going with my “And” instead of “Or”?

Well, after some practice time, you may notice some side effects (and benefits) from looking at what can be done by including two options, rather than competing them.

The first benefit is the increase in your creativity and your ability to identify opportunities.

Trying to find solutions to make ideas coexist will train your brain to solve problems. This process will become more and more fluid and will open up a land of possibilities that you had not experimented yet.

Second benefit, which directly follows the first: the feeling of security.

As you prove yourself that you are finding solutions, without excluding or ignoring things that matter to you, you create a sense of inner security.

Not bad for a little word! What do you think ?

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